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Parking Lot Management


Private Impounds by Graham's Towing and Recovery

Do you have problems with unauthorized vehicles parking on your property without permission? Graham's Towing can help! And at no cost to you.

We will supply and install signage to suit many applications and will also provide patrolling of your property at no extra cost.

Signs to suit many applications such as:

  •      No Parking
  •      Customer Only
  •      Handicap
  •      Fire Lane
  •      Visitors
  •      Authorized
  •      Time restrictions e.g., 15 minutes only
  •      Reserved stalls

Whether you are a property manager or an individual property owner, Graham's Towing can design a system to meet your exact needs.

Private impounds are regulated by the State of Michigan and the respective municipality where your property is located.

For inquiries please contact our main office at 269-329-4869.